Hi, I'm Matt Turner. I'm currently a PhD student in experimental physics. I use lasers to measure picoradians and cut steel, I speak Thai and pretend to speak a couple other SE Asian languages, and I like to make stuff (especially Thai food).
You can contact me at .

Résumé - LinkedIn

I'm graduating soon. I'm interested in job opportunities where I can be involved in hands-on research, product development, or technical problem solving.

Academic page

I'm currently a member of the Eöt-Wash group at the Center for Experimental Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics at the University of Washington. This page lists my research interests, publications, talks, and academic profile links.

Segfault, my homemade Segway

Building a Segway for under $300.

Laser stuff

I found some funding for a 400W laser cutter/engraver for our lab. Here's where I'll post fun stuff I've done with it.


A few small projects I've done, including GetBook.py for creating ebooks from the Maxwell Institute website.

Thai food

I like to make Thai food. Here is a PDF menu my wife made of the dishes in my repertoire. (Thanks, Michelle!) Invite yourself over for dinner sometime.

Why the name guavaduck?

Answer here.