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I’m not much of a coder (outside of numerical work), but I know enough to get things done when I need to. Here are a few things I’ve put together.

High-intensity laser pulse simulation

As an undergraduate, I worked for two years in a high-intensity optics group.  We were studying high-harmonic generation by femtosecond laser pulses passing through a dilute inert gas.  These pulses have energies of millijoules and peak intensities of 1015 watts/cm2 (a comparable intensity could be achieved by focusing all of the sunlight hitting … Continue … Continue reading High-intensity laser pulse simulation

Track meet registration system

I developed a track meet registration system for a Seattle-area middle-school league. League administrators can authorize coach access, create meet event listings, and print athlete tags. Coaches can create team rosters and register athletes for their events. It runs on Google App Engine. If someone’s interested in using it, I can make the code available.

Update (20 Feb 2014): It looks like the Maxwell Institute changed their website and the script no longer works. It’s fixable, but I don’t know when I’ll get around to it. The code is available here. A Python script to generate epub ebooks from the books made available online by the Neal A. … Continue … Continue reading