Titanium pens

I designed and made two titanium pens for Christmas gifts in 2008. The bodies consist of three components I manually turned from titanium rod: the lower tube, upper tube, and finial. The finial screws into the upper tube to hold the clip, and the lower tube screws into the upper tube to hold the cartridge. They were made to hold Fisher Space Pen pressurized ink cartridges. The pen tip can be retracted by unscrewing the lower tube a few turns, and a spring between the cartridge and lower tube holds the tip back when retracted. I cut the clips out of stainless steel sheet on a CNC mill and then bent them. I gave the recipients their choice of finishes. The image here is of a sandblasted pen. The other had a sandblasted upper tube and polished lower tube.

I hadn’t spent much time working with titanium before, so this was a good learning experience in working with things like drill point angle to drill the long through holes.